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Tubular Fabric: Innovation and Versatility in the Orthopedic Sector

Tubular fabric has gained great popularity in the orthopedic sector due to its versatility and effectiveness in the manufacture of orthoses, especially girdles. This type of fabric is used in various orthopedic applications, offering customized solutions and significantly improving the quality of life of patients.

Applications in Orthopedics

Tubular tissues are highly appreciated for the manufacture of orthotics, which are devices designed to correct, support or immobilize parts of the body affected by various pathologies. Orthopedic girdles are a clear example where tubular fabrics are widely used. This material allows small metal rods to be inserted that provide the necessary support and allow the patient  to adjust the pressure and force according to their specific needs. This is especially useful in personalized treatments  where each patient requires a different level of support.

Benefits of Tubular Fabrics

  • Customization and Adaptability: Not all people need the same level of support or pressure in their orthotics. Thanks to tubular fabrics, the girdles can be customized for each patient. The rods can be easily adjusted, allowing the force applied to be varied depending on the pathology.
  • Durability and Maintenance: One of the great advantages of tubular fabrics is their ease of maintenance. The rods can be removed before washing the orthosis, thus avoiding deformations or damage. This extends the life of the device, ensuring that it maintains its effectiveness for longer.
  • New Product Development: From the textile sector, new tubular fabrics are constantly being developed that offer better properties for orthopedic use. These advances make it possible to create more comfortable, effective and durable orthoses.

Use in different pathologies

Tubular tissues are essential in the treatment of various pathologies. For example, in cases of lumbar injuries, girdles made with these fabrics provide the necessary support to relieve pain and promote recovery. In addition, their ability to adjust according to the patient’s needs makes them ideal for a wide variety of medical conditions.

Innovation and Quality at Artesana de Clofent

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Tubular fabric represents a revolution in the orthopedic sector, offering personalized, durable and effective solutions. Thanks to their adaptability and ease of maintenance, orthoses made of this material have become a preferred choice for many healthcare professionals and patients. To learn more about how tubular fabrics can improve your quality of life, do not hesitate  to contact us at Artesana de Clofent. We are here to provide you with the best orthopedic solution tailored to your needs.