Our breathable technical fabrics find versatile applications in various sectors, including medical, occupational, orthopedic, sports, and more.

Its composition constitutes a compressive fabric that resists microorganisms and moisture caused by sweat. This type of article is ideal for the manufacture of many products, such as girdles, abdominal bands, wristbands, ankle braces, knee braces, etc.

However, their primary use is in the production of abdominal bands, specifically designed to reinforce the muscles of the back, lumbar, and abdominal regions. Their main characteristics are elasticity and compression, resistance to Velcro® type adhesive tape, thermo-weldable, thermo-regulating, soft touch, comfortable, among others.

In this category, we offer a variety of breathable fabric structures, customizing them to meet our customers’ specific needs and desired functionalities for their final products.

Do not hesitate to ask us your questions. Our team will offer you the best option for your products.

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