As for swimwear, among our articles, you will find the elastic straps for swimwear you need to complete your designs, all of them with quick-drying characteristics, high breathability and prepared to be in contact with water.

These fabrics, some of which are made of neoprene-type material, are of high quality, long-lasting and made of raw materials that prevent allergies caused by contact with the skin.

Taking into account what you are looking for, the end use and the design, we will provide you with the fabric that best suits your requirements. We will look for the article that has the expected elasticity, compression and softness.

We offer a wide range of materials that will perfectly match your swimwear designs, complemented by our piping, straps, waistbands, etc.

Thanks to our diverse portfolio, you will have all colours and widths between 5 mm and 600 mm to choose from.

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