Company specialized in technical fabrics

Artesana de Clofent, specialists in the manufacture of technical fabrics, is a company located in Maresme, in the coastal town of Sant Vicenç de Montalt, 35 km away from Barcelona. AdC is a family business managed by a professional human team with a lot of experience in technical fabrics since 1952. Nowadays, AdC is one of the pioneer companies of technical textile in the national market.

We are specialists in technical fabrics (elastic and rigid tapes) from 2-500 mm wide. AdC works in different market sectors:

Adapting to global markets is essential to meet new challenges, and that is why AdC is committed to a synergy between the export team and the research team. We are already present in the most competitive markets in the EU, and are expanding into new markets.

We guarantee a complete service (design, manufacture and marketing) with speed of service and product quality.

We want to be the best supplier for our customers. Where our extensive catalogue of rigid and elastic fabrics does not reach, our Innovation Department will do so, providing a customised solution to any need.

Artesana de Clofent

Mission – Vision – Values


Identify market needs and provide innovation and continuous improvement in the Technical Fabrics sector, offering innovative solutions for our customers and contributing to improve the quality of their final product.


Be leaders in innovation and design of Technical Fabrics, helping our customers to achieve maximum performance in each product they launch on the market.


Technological Innovation: at AdC we are not conformists, we know that we must continue to innovate our products. This is the only way to make a difference with the competition.
Cooperation: working together with the client and our employees allows us to trace a solid path to success.
Quality: AdC has always been characterised by quality, the next challenge is the search for excellence in our service and customer care.
Environmental commitment: AdC follows sustainable procedures in all its manufacturing processes, apart from a series of good practices in the company.