Artesana de Clofent is a company specialised in the production of fabrics for orthoses and prostheses. Our know-how and experience allows us to manufacture lightweight and wear-resistant fabrics with the appropriate compression for each specific orthosis pattern. At AdC you can find different series of breathable and compact elastic fabrics that best suit your product and the injury to be treated.

Manufacturing widths of between 5 mm and 600 mm allow us to cover all the fabrics necessary for the sector. We offer products for the production of orthopaedic girdles, trusses, back supports, wrist supports, knee supports, immobilisers, corsets, belts, and more.

The primary purpose of these products is to provide protection against lumbar and muscular injuries and to maintain proper back alignment during movement, preventing strain on the lumbar or abdominal muscles.

We also offer elastic “Loops” type fabrics that facilitate tape adherence through self-locking contact. Additionally, we provide highly resistant elastic fabrics that are resistant to hook contact, as regular use can damage the garment. Our products have a long life cycle.

We want to be the best supplier for our customers. If our extensive catalogue of rigid and elastic fabrics does not meet your specific needs, our R&D Department will do it, providing a customised solution to any need.

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