CLOFENT Corporation

At the laboratory, we analyse the materials and products used in the manufacture of our products, as well as the finishes, elasticity, washing, strength, and durability of the fabrics. The Innovation Department develops custom projects, offering a complete study of technical fabrics, standardizing their application.

Our prestige has allowed us to work in the search for new materials with several technological centres. We have a wide variety of technical raw materials such as conductive yarns, technical yarns, multifibre, recycled yarns and others depending on their final use. This research has allowed us to microencapsulate fabrics since 2005, and currently offer our customers solutions to pilling caused by hook and hook-loop adhesive tapes, among others.

The team of engineers aims to meet market needs by creating high-tech products.

Clofent Corporation benefits from AdC’s production capacity to be able to make products that can be quickly introduced to the market. Our project experience allows us to design technical products that are the result of feedback between the customer and the Technical Department.

CLOFENT Corporation cooperates with other companies and Technological Centers to develop new projects and innovate in the market.