Artesana de Clofent prioritises innovation and constant improvement in the applications and characteristics of different fabrics. To achieve this constant development, we give vital importance to our R&D and Quality department, ensuring that we are aware of new trends in technical fabrics.

At AdC you will find technical fabrics for different functionalities. Unlike conventional fabrics, the primary focus of technical fabrics lies in their functionality rather than aesthetics. They are specifically engineered to provide solutions for specific technical needs.

These fabrics have innovative and effective properties such as breathability, conductivity, thermal insulation, microencapsulation and antibacterial, among others. Providing extra quality to the final product and giving it added value.

Due to their specific functional properties, these fabrics meet various needs in different areas, including the medical sector, sports industry, occupational safety, and animal orthopedics, among others.

The main characteristics of these fabrics are:

  • Its functionality.
  • The environmental application conditions are essential.
  • Their high quality.
  • They are used to replace non-textile materials that have the property that has been added to the technical fabric.

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