Artesana de Clofent since 1952

In 1952 Josep Clofent and Salvadora Rosique created the Artesana brand, initially a textile business dedicated to the production of braids. The desire to develop new products led them to acquire crochet machinery in 1968. The current headquarters of AdC was inaugurated in 1974, the more than 2,000 m² made it possible to invest in the acquisition of new machinery to become a benchmark in the crochet sector on a national scale.

In 1986 Artesana de Clofent became a limited company, and in the same year, the company acquired Jacquard looms to offer total product customisation to its customers.

In 1997 they designed and installed an innovative finishing system that allowed them to enrich their products by giving them added value. This system was pioneer in the raw materials used in the fabric, as well as in the reduced use of water, which allowed them to be an example of ecology in the sector. This search for innovation led them to start the production of technical fabrics the following year, specifically in the orthopaedic sector.  In 2002, we standardized the company’s laboratory with the necessary instruments for the analysis and representation of fabrics for technical use, as well as certifying the quality of their products.

Currently, the second and third generations work together in the company, ensuring that the founders’ commitment to innovation continues to this day. In recent years, export has increased significantly, as well as the variety of products offered, guaranteeing a fast and quality service.

Artesana de Clofent