Shoes tapes have become a very popular trend in the fashion and footwear industry. These ribbons can be rigid or elastic, and each of them can be used in different ways. You will find ribbons such as laces, or other elastic and rigid ribbons that will help you with the design of your shoes.

These tapes also have advantages for users, such as the comfort and flexibility they offer. The main characteristics of the ribbons we manufacture for shoes are:

  • Durability: Our tapes are made with high-quality materials that provide high resistance to wear and avoid deformation of the shoe after prolonged use.
  • Comfort: With a secure fit around the foot, our straps provide a high level of comfort, relieving pressure and making them ideal for individuals with foot sensitivity issues.
  • Flexibility: Our straps are easily stretched and can be adapted to different sizes, adjusting to your specific foot shape.
  • Versatility: There are many types of straps and designs to help you create a unique and exclusive shoe that meets your needs and tastes.

Elastic shoe straps can be combined with other materials such as leather, fabric or mesh to create a more complex and elegant design.

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