tejidos técnicos resistentes

Resistant technical fabrics: discover the innovative world of TO fabric by Artesana de Clofent

In a context where innovation is key, technical fabrics play a fundamental role in offering advanced solutions for a variety of applications. Clofent’s artisan, thanks to the certification of excellence of quality technical fabrics,  has taken this idea a step further with the creation of the TO Fabric, a masterpiece of textile engineering that perfectly combines resistance, versatility and comfort.

What is TO Fabric?

TO Fabric, derived from Tunisian crochet, is presented as a compact fabric of high tension and exceptional softness. These technical fabrics, meticulously developed by Artesana de Clofent, offer unique properties that make them the ideal choice for various applications, especially in the design of suspensory girdles.


  1. High Tension: TO resistant technical fabric is distinguished by its exceptional strength and  ability to maintain high tension, making it ideal for applications that require support and firmness, such as suspenseful girdles.
  2. Unrivalled softness: Despite its strength, the TO technical fabric also offers exceptional softness against the skin. This feature makes it comfortable to wear for long periods, which is essential for garments such as orthotics and shoulder straps.
  3. Applied Versatility: Technical fabrics seek  to adapt to various needs, and TO Fabric is no exception. From jockstraps to orthotics and shoulder straps, this fabric offers versatility for a variety of specialized applications.

 Recommended Applications:

  • Jockstrap frame: The resistant TO technical fabric provides optimal support and  adequate tension for the manufacture of suspensory girdles, ensuring a comfortable and effective fit.
  • Orthotics: Its unique combination of strength and softness makes it an ideal candidate for orthotic creation, providing the  necessary support without sacrificing comfort.
  • Shoulder straps: Shoulder straps made from TO technical fabrics offer the perfect combination of strength and softness, ensuring a comfortable and effective experience.

With the growing demand for advanced textile solutions, technical fabrics have become the key to the textile future. Clofent Artisan is proud to lead this way  with TO Fabric, which not only meets today’s standards, but sets a new paradigm as to what is possible to achieve with modern textile engineering. If you are interested, you can also contact us and read more about innovation in technical fabrics for sport.