elastic fabrics for girdles

Our elastic fabrics

At Adclofent we offer a wide range of products made in the Maresme. We have extensive experience manufacturing technical fabrics since 1952.
These fabrics are used for many of the garments we wear, decoration accessories, tools and other utensils for day to day. There are two main types of technical fabrics: elastic and rigid fabric. The first, without a doubt, is the one with the most variety and the one that we are going to talk about in this post. We will discuss one of the most necessary technical fabrics in the health sector: elastic fabrics for girdles.

Elastic fabrics for girdles

Within the elastic fabrics for girdles we find fabrics for orthopedics, labor prevention fabrics or even sports fabrics for preventive use.
Thanks to specialized engineering in the sector, many people have improved their quality of life or their recovery from a major injury. In the case of orthopedic products, the variety increases with respect to the sport or professional field. The injuries are multiple and the need for products adapted to them is greater.
Its use is mainly to protect yourself from lumbar and muscular injuries in general by keeping your back straight when performing any movement. Also avoid forcing the lumbar or abdominal muscles when making any effort.

How are the fabrics for girdles?

These fabrics are always elastic and can present high compressions, all depending on the pattern and the final orthosis.
Adclofent has several series of breathable elastic fabrics and compact elastic fabrics that adapt to the lesion to be treated or the need that must be covered.