soft tissue

New soft MEL fabric, breathable, thermorregulator and comfortable

Artesana de Clofent works to achieve continuous improvement in its products and services, therefore, it has developed in recent months a wide range of soft and technical fabrics. Among them, we present the MEL fabric, a new soft, breathable and thermoregulatory fabric of high comfort. Its composition of technical threads and latex free offers high compression, minimizes the risk of allergies and makes it elastic and thermoweldable, ideal for seamless products.

Benefits of this soft fabric

  • We are talking about a soft, breathable and resistant to water vapor fabric that transports moisture to the outside much faster than with natural or synthetic fibers, thanks to technical fiber.

It possesses a high adaptability and understanding. The AITEX study shows that our soft fabric has more breathability than any other standard product and a better level of comfort.

  • The fabric provides a great thermal resistance, capable of expelling body heat and absorbing the freshness outside in conditions of heat or high physical performance, thus guaranteeing its condition as a thermoregulator.
  • Comfort is guaranteed, not only by the fast drying that the fabric provides, but also by the soft, natural and silky touch it transmits and by the great adaptability to the body that the elastic fiber allows.

Main applications

This type of breathable fabrics,thermoregulators and high comfort are perfect for a wide variety of sectors. From elastic and narrow fabrics for the Orthopedic sector: rehabilitaciones, as for technical technical t ejidos of preventive use: labor and sport, as for fabrics andelastics for  seamless confection: underwear, leather accessories and soon fashion.

In Adclofent gwe arantizamos a complete service (design, manufacture and commercialization) with speed in the service and quality in the product, in addition to betting on continuous improvement.