breathable fabric

Discovering the MEL fabric: the revolutionary breathable fabric from Artesana de Clofent

In Artesana de Clofent we  are a recognized brand in the textile world  and we want to surprise you once again with our innovation and dedication to the development of technical fabrics. On this occasion, we present our  most recent creation: the MEL, a breathable and thermoregulatory fabric  that promises to change the way we experience comfort in our clothing.

Breathable fabric: the key to an unparalleled comfort experience

The MEL fabric is characterized by being a breathable fabric highly resistant to water vapor. Thanks to its technical fiber, it is able to transport moisture to the outside much faster than conventional natural or synthetic fibers. But what makes it so special?

Thermoregulation and adaptability: a perfect balance

One of the highlights of MEL fabric is its thermoregulatory capacity. The fabric is able to expel body heat and absorb external coolness in conditions of heat or high physical performance, guaranteeing a unique thermal comfort experience.

In addition, the comfort of MEL fabric is not limited to its fast drying capacity and breathability, but also stands out for its natural and silky touch. Thanks to its elastic fiber, this fabric adapts perfectly to the body, providing a feeling of lightness and softness.

Health and environmental benefits

The technical thread and latex free composition of MEL offers multiple advantages in terms of health and sustainability. By minimizing the risk of allergies, this fabric is ideal for those with sensitive or irritation-prone skin.

Additionally, its heat-sealable capacity allows the creation of seamless products, which translates into less material waste and greater durability of the garments.

The future of technical fabrics is here

The Clofent Artisan MEL is a clear example of how innovation and technology in the textile field can transform the way we live and experience clothing. This breathable, thermoregulatory and environmentally friendly fabric  promises to mark a before and after in the fashion industry, providing a sustainable and highly comfortable solution for all.  Contact Artesana de Clofent to learn more.