Tecnologia Coolmax

Coolmax® Technology in Artesana de Clofent

At Artesana de Clofent we work to offer our customers, what we think is most interesting for them. In this pursuit of continuous improvement, we have incorporated into our product catalog, the possibility of incorporating Coolmax® Technology. This technology allows us to offer high quality technical fabrics and that is why we think it is interesting to dedicate a few lines of our Blog to explain what exactly this technology consists.


First of all, what you should know is that Coolmax® is a trademark registered by the LYCRA COMPANY and not all companies have the capacity to develop it. At Artesana de Clofent, due to our interest in innovation, we have worked to be able to acquire this license for medical use.

Secondly, it should emphasize that Coolmax ® is a textile technology based on polyester fiber: its layer is 25% thicker than normal fibers, so it considerably facilitates its transpiration. You can imagine that this is one of the most interesting qualities since thanks to these properties of Coolmax ® fiber it manages to eliminate moisture from the body. This allows this type of technical fabric to be key for brands that make quality sportswear.

Third, the Coolmax® system is known for its moisture resistance and perspiration. It exports moisture favoring its evaporation. Moreover, that is what makes this moisture dry so quickly. Coolmax® is, fundamentally, a polyester yarn with a layer specially designed with the aim that the moisture “drop” expands facilitating the task of evaporation and quick drying. During this process, the fabric is cooled, providing the user with a pleasant and comfortable feeling.

Practical applications of this technology

We must have in mind that sweat is cooling mechanism of the body is very efficient to lower body temperature before intense efforts. However, it can become uncomfortable and can even lead to the appearance of skin lesions such as scratches. So, although it has a very clear function, sweat can become annoying for athletes and this is the reason that more and more breathable fabrics are incorporated into our daily life.

Coolmax® is a very breathable fabric that stays dry, cool and comfortable even during the most intense physical activities. In addition, it dries very quickly and is very light and flexible so it adapts perfectly to the user’s body. It does not produce allergic reactions. It is a soft and high durability fabric.

It is therefore an ideal technical fabric for all types of sportswear, but it can also be applied to any type of clothing that aims to be breathable and resistant.

If you have any questions, you can contact Artesana De Clofent and we will be happy to attend and answer your doubts regarding this fabric.