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We all know that technology  is advancing by leaps and bounds, but did you know that the textile industry is not far behind?  There are new materials that offer great properties and today they are gaining strength. We are sure that even in your closet, you have a garment with some technical material with specific characteristics. But what exactly is a technical fabric?

What are technical fabrics?

We can describe technical fabrics as fabrics with properties and benefits such as fire resistance, thermal insulation, antibacterial and much more.  In short, they are garments that provide “extra” qualities to the fabric to enhance its functionality.

What are conductive technical fabrics?

Technical conductive fabrics is a type of technical fabric. Theyare flexible  and highly conductive electronic materials  used in the manufacture of electronic devices and wearables.   Conductive technical fabrics serve to connect electronic components and allow the transmission of energy and electrical signals in devices.  They are made of a combination of conductive materials, such as graphite, and non-conductive materials, such as polyester, which provide them with flexibility and strength.  Being flexible and resistant, they allow greater freedom of movement and greater durability compared to other conventional electronic materials.

These fabrics are used to connect electronic components in a wide variety of applications, such as touch screens, motion sensors, and rechargeable batteries.  These fabrics are also used in the manufacture of devices with unconventional shapes and sizes, such as smart wristbands and health tracking devices. In short, conductive technical fabrics are a key component in the creation of advanced and versatile electronic and wearable devices.

What do we offer at Artesana de Clofent?

In Artesana de Clofent we are specialists in the manufacture of fabrics and elastic tapes based on polyester, polyamide, and elastane. We offer fabrics from 5mm to 500mm wide.

We make elastic and rigid tapes with conductive wires based on silver, copper and steel for signal transmission. You can consult your need and our group of engineers will offer the best option for your product.