lingerie ribbons

AdClofent: specialists in high-quality lingerie ribbons

AdC has established itself as a leading company in the market  of elastic tapes for lingerie, offering a wide variety of options that adapt to the specific needs of each client and project.

Diversity in lingerie ribbons: widths, colors and technical characteristics

One of the main advantages of working with AdC is the wide variety of elastic straps we offer, available in different widths, from 5 mm to 600 mm . This variety allows our customers to choose the ribbon that best fits the design of the garment they wish to make.

In addition, we always work according to the needs of each client,  whether  in terms of colors, compositions and elasticities. Our quality team is responsible for studying each case to ensure that the chosen tape is the most appropriate, especially if the product must be in direct contact with the skin or if you want to avoid allergies.

More than 3,000 items at your disposal

In Artesana de Clofent we have a catalog of more than 3,000 items of different types, compositions, elasticities, sizes, colors and characteristics. Within our section of ribbons for lingerie, we find strap-type ribbons, piping, lace ribbons, with satin finishes, velvety, among others. These ribbons can be used for  the manufacture of intimate clothing, swimwear, or corsetry.

Commitment to quality and health

The compositions and raw materials used in AdC products are designed to minimize the risk of allergies in contact with the skin. Do not hesitate to ask us any questions, our team of engineers will offer you the best option for your products.  In addition, all our articles have a series of official quality certifications.

If you are looking for high quality lingerie ribbons adapted to your needs, in AdC you will find the perfect solution.  Contact us for more information and find out how we can help you create exceptional garments.