install solar panel

Adclofent is committed to sustainability and implements solar panels in its facilities

We all know that installing solar panels in companies is  something that is booming in our country. And rightly so. The concern for the environment and the savings provided by solar panels has made this growth possible.

At Adclofent we are committed to responsible production and consumption with clean and affordable energy. We give importance to self-consumption, taking advantage of the central hours of the day in which the sun is at its maximum potential. In addition, we want to contribute our grain of sand by reducing CO2 emissions, polluting the environment less and giving prominence to renewable energy.

For all these reasons, we have installed photovoltaic panels on our roofs of industrial buildings so that they capture all possible solar energy and contribute to an environmental improvement.

As you can see, in Adclofent we continue to work on our environmental commitment, following sustainable procedures in all our manufacturing processes and adding new ones, such as solar panels, in addition to having good practices within the company.